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CyStain UV Ploidy

CyStain UV Ploidy
Fluorescent probe: DAPI
Application: Flow cytometry
Laser UV LED / UV laser
Quantity 250 tests
Emission Maximum 461 nm
Order number: 05-5001

For Research Use Only
Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

  • 05-5001
Ready-to-use reagent for the extraction and staining of nuclei in one step. DAPI as a dye... more
CyStain UV Ploidy

Ready-to-use reagent for the extraction and staining of nuclei in one step. DAPI as a dye enables the determination of genome size variations and ploidy level in material or cell suspensions of various origins, including mammalian cells and plant material. The reagent is designed to extract and stain nuclei in a one-step staining protocol. The reagent is optimised for use on selected configurations of the Sysmex CyFlow Ploidy Analyser and CyFlow Space flow cytometers.

Reagent component:

500 mL Staining Solution


Plant Nuclear DNA Analysis
Ploidy Analysis in Aquaculture

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