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Yeast Control™ - Viability

Yeast Control™ - Viability
Application: Flow cytometry
Fluorescent probe: Propidium iodide, Fluorescein diacetate
Laser: Blue laser
Quantity: 100 tests
Emission Maximum: 512 nm (FDA) / 616 nm (PI)
Specific References: Oliveira B.R et al.. Small but powerful: Light-emitting diodes for inactivation of Aspergillus species in real water matrices. Water Research (2020); 168: doi.org/10.1016/j.watres.2019.115108 
Köhler S. et al. Preparation of freeze dried and vacuum dried yeast starter cultures: evaluation of relevant viability detection analyses. BrewingScience (2020) : 73: doi.org/10.23763/BrSc20-05koehler
Order number: 05-6000-02
Reagent kit for yeast cell counting and viability testing (differentiation between living and... more
Product information "Yeast Control™ - Viability"

Reagent kit for yeast cell counting and viability testing (differentiation between living and dead cells), both of which are relevant parameters in growing yeast cultures. The reagent has been created specifically for selected configurations of the Sysmex CyFlow Cube and CyFlow Space flow cytometers.

Kit components:

  • 1 mL Solution A
  • 1 mL Solution B
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